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November 3, 2023

Banking Regulatory (BRPD) Litigation in Bangladesh

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Banking Regulatory (BRPD) Litigation in Bangladesh: Navigating Complex Legal Frontiers

Banking regulations in Bangladesh are meticulously structured, and navigating the legal landscape within the Banking Regulation and Policy Department (BRPD) entails a profound understanding of multifaceted statutes and circulars., a prominent legal entity in Bangladesh, has been actively involved in various landmark litigations in the Company Court, specifically concerning the removal of directors under the Bank Company Act 1991 and matters involving BRPD circulars. Furthermore, the firm has a rich history of handling intricate credit information-related litigations, both representing and defending banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) in cases involving wrongful or illegal reporting in the Credit Information Bureau (CIB).

Before we get into details, lets have a look at the two basic laws of Banking Regulatory (BRPD) Litigation in Bangladesh. The Bank Company Act of 1991 pertains to the regulations and disciplinary measures governing the financial industry in the nation. The date this Act became effective was February 14, 1991. The provisions of this Act are not in derogation of the Companies Act of 1994 or any other Act in force at the time; rather, they are supplementary to it.
 The minimum number of members/directors for a bank company is eleven and the utmost is twenty. As stated in Section 4 of the Companies Act 1994: Scheduled banks are those that are authorized to operate under the Bank Company Act of 1991 and are enrolled with the RJSC.
 The Act’s articles address the subsequent facets of banking institutions:  Operations;  Prohibited Activities;  Acquisition of Public Interest Undertakings;  Suspension of Business, Winding Up, and Resolution of Winding Up Proceedings.
In the concluding articles, provisions for breaches of the Act are detailed.

A Synopsis of the 2012 Money Laundering Prevention Act:

The primary aim of the Money Laundering Prevention Act of 2012 is to address the issue of illicit cross-border money transfers. To carry out the responsibilities and exercise the authority entrusted to Bangladesh Bank, a distinct department known as the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) has been formed within the bank.
 Laundering funds is regarded as a criminal act due to the potentially severe economic, security, and social ramifications that it can induce. It provides corrupt public officials, drug traffickers, smugglers, terrorists, and arms merchants with an opportunity to operate and expand their criminal enterprises. It can also have a negative impact on government revenue collection and deprive the government of revenues that are rightfully its.
Revision 2 (v).
 The penalties pertaining to the transgression of money laundering are outlined in Sections 4 through 8.

Expertise in BRPD-Linked Litigations has a proven track record in successfully handling cases involving the removal of directors under the Bank Company Act 1991, notably in matters where BRPD circulars played a pivotal role. The nuanced understanding of BRPD directives and circulars has enabled the firm to navigate complexities, ensuring fair and just outcomes for their clients.

1. Company Court Litigation over Director Removal

The legal team at has adeptly represented clients in Company Court cases related to the removal of directors under the Bank Company Act 1991. This involved intricate interpretations of the law and BRPD circulars to safeguard the interests of their clients and ensure adherence to legal procedures.

Credit Information (CIB) Related Litigations

The firm has a robust history of handling a spectrum of litigations concerning CIB matters, demonstrating prowess in addressing disputes involving wrongful or illegal reporting of credit information, where the interpretation of the role of directors, nominee directors, credit reporting under the Bangladesh Bank Order 1972, and Defaulting Borrower list under the Bank Company Act 1991 becomes essential.

1. Litigation Involving Wrongful or Illegal Reporting of CIB has championed several cases involving wrongful or illegal reporting of credit information, representing both financial institutions and individuals impacted by such reporting. Their expertise has been crucial in navigating the complexities of such cases, ensuring fair resolution and compliance with the law.

2. Complex Interpretation of Director Roles and Credit Reporting Laws

The firm’s involvement in cases where complexities surrounding the roles of directors and nominee directors intersected with credit reporting under the Bangladesh Bank Order 1972 and Defaulting Borrower list under the Bank Company Act 1991 underscores their legal acumen in intricate matters. The ability to dissect and interpret these legal intricacies has been pivotal in offering effective legal representation to their clients.

Challenges and Legal Precedents

The landscape of BRPD-related litigations and credit information disputes poses challenges that demand astute legal navigation. Complexities in interpreting laws, circulars, and regulatory frameworks have been met with diligence and expertise by, setting significant legal precedents in the domain.

Challenges and Legal Precedents in BRPD-Linked Litigations

The domain of BRPD-linked litigations in Bangladesh presents a myriad of challenges that necessitate astute legal handling. has encountered and effectively addressed these challenges, paving the way for several legal precedents that have shaped the landscape of banking regulatory litigation in the country.

Challenges Faced:

Interpretation of BRPD Circulars:

The BRPD issues circulars that guide and regulate banking activities in Bangladesh. Interpreting these circulars, often subject to nuanced language and evolving interpretations, presents a challenge. has navigated these complexities to provide clear interpretations for their clients, ensuring compliance with the circulars while protecting their interests.

Compliance with Shifting Regulatory Environment:

The ever-evolving nature of banking regulations poses a challenge for institutions and legal entities. Adapting to new amendments, updates, and changes in the regulatory framework requires vigilance and continuous monitoring. has successfully assisted their clients in remaining compliant with the changing regulations.

Complexities in Credit Information Reporting:

Cases involving wrongful or illegal reporting in the Credit Information Bureau (CIB) demand a profound understanding of credit reporting laws, the roles of directors, and compliance with the regulatory framework. has navigated through these complexities to ensure fair resolutions for their clients.

Legal Precedents Set:

Case Law on Director Removal under the Bank Company Act 1991:

The firm’s involvement in cases related to the removal of directors under the Bank Company Act 1991 has resulted in the establishment of crucial case law. Their representation in the Company Court has set significant precedents in defining the process and legal considerations for director removal, specifically within the banking sector.

Interpretative Insights on BRPD Circulars: has successfully contributed to shaping the understanding and interpretation of BRPD circulars. By effectively applying legal arguments and precedents in court cases, the firm has established a foundation for interpreting these circulars, providing clear guidelines for banking institutions and their legal rights.

Resolution of Credit Information Disputes:

Their involvement in credit information disputes has led to the establishment of legal precedents in cases involving wrongful or illegal reporting in the CIB. These precedents emphasize the significance of accurate reporting, the role of directors, and the lawful process of credit reporting, ensuring fair outcomes and compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Legal Innovation and Strategy: has shown remarkable prowess in devising innovative legal strategies to address the challenges posed by the evolving banking regulations and the complexities of credit information reporting. Their ability to navigate through intricate legal challenges demonstrates their commitment to ensuring fair and just outcomes for their clients.

In the realm of BRPD-linked litigations, the challenges are diverse and demanding, requiring a deep understanding of the legal framework and regulatory environment.’s success in handling these challenges has resulted in the establishment of legal precedents that have shaped the interpretation of banking regulations and credit information disputes. Their innovative legal strategies and commitment to legal excellence have made a significant impact on the legal landscape within the banking sector in Bangladesh.

The firm’s ability to address challenges and set legal precedents demonstrates its expertise and commitment to navigating complex legal frontiers within the banking regulatory framework of Bangladesh. Their dedication to ensuring compliance and fairness in litigation has solidified their reputation as a leading legal entity in the country.

Mitigation and Compliance Strategies

In navigating these legal complexities, consistently emphasizes compliance with regulatory guidelines, meticulous documentation, and a deep understanding of BRPD circulars and credit reporting regulations. Through skillful negotiations and leveraging legal strategies, the firm seeks to mitigate the risks associated with such litigations and ensures fair and just outcomes for their clients.

The intricate terrain of BRPD-linked litigations and credit information-related disputes demands a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape and regulatory framework governing banking in Bangladesh.’s expertise in handling complex litigations in the Company Court, involving BRPD circulars and credit information-related matters, stands as a testament to their legal prowess and commitment to ensuring justice and compliance for their clients.

In conclusion,’s rich experience and successful track record in handling BRPD-related litigations and credit information disputes highlight their expertise in navigating intricate legal frontiers within Bangladesh’s banking regulatory framework, ensuring fair and lawful outcomes for their clients.


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