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Litigation is a fact of life for millions of people in Bangladesh, despite the fact that no one desires to be involved in a case or proceeding, whether criminal or civil. High Court cases in Bangladesh can be protracted, but Barristers and Advocates from Tahmidur Remura Wahid & Associates will provide you with effective legal service and courtroom representation. We guarantee the utmost sincerity and current legal knowledge to advocate your case in any Bangladeshi court or tribunal.

We have previously handled Criminal cases in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Sessions Court, and High Court Division of Bangladesh’s Supreme Court. We handle bail petitions in all Bangladeshi courts.

Partners of Tahmidur Remura Wahid & Associates regularly appear before the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in Civil, Criminal, Writ, and Business matters. The Bangladeshi law firm of Tahmidur Remura Wahid & Associates specializes in bail hearings, anticipatory bail hearings, filing Writ petitions in RAJUK, evictions, service matters, public procurement and tender issues, and so on. Together with our Senior Counsel, we have successfully argued cases before the chamber court of the Appellate Division and the full bench of the Appellate Division.
We have experience filing CR and petition cases in CMM and CJM (Magistrate) court, as well as conducting trials in CMM and Sessions court. We have extensive experience with the Artha Rin Adalat court and the Nari o Shishu Nirjatan Daman Tribunal.
In Civil Courts, we have experience handling succession cases, Title disputes, injunction hearings, etc. We also handle cases in other regions of Bangladesh.


Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is a crucial sector of a nation’s economy, and Bangladesh is home to numerous banks and financial institutions. As the former General Counsel or Chief Law Officer of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Bangladesh, the Head of Chambers at Tahmidur Remura Wahid & associates of Tahmidur Remura Wahid is conversant with all aspects of banking laws and banking business.
The law firm is able to accept any work for any bank or financial institution, such as providing legal advice or vetting on any products, loan documents, mergers and acquisitions, loan recovery, swap transaction, drafting any instrument or contract, HR matters of banks, etc.


Divorce, Child Custody & Family
Law firm in Dhaka

As Bangladesh’s way of life rapidly evolves, family and conjugal disputes, as well as divorce, are on the rise. Among Bangladesh’s other law firms, Tahmidur Remura Wahid & Associates and Barrister stand out. Tahmidur Remura Wahid is an obvious choice if you are involved in a family dispute or contemplating divorce and need to know what will happen to your children and property after the divorce.

About 8 million Bangladeshis who were married in Bangladesh under Bangladeshi law reside abroad and are frequently bewildered about how to obtain a divorce. We are confident in our ability to advise you on marriage, divorce, child custody, marriages between people of different religions, marriages between Bangladeshis and foreigners, divorces of Bangladeshis living abroad, divorces of Bangladeshis who were Bangladeshi at the time of their marriage but have since migrated or changed nationality, etc.

Employment and Labour law

Employment law in Bangladesh is a field that is poorly comprehended by both employees and employers. Whereas the primary purpose of employment laws is to protect the rights of employees and maintain a tranquil and productive workplace environment. The Bangladesh Labour Act of 2006 is the primary employment-related law in Bangladesh.
In the major cities of Bangladesh, there are Labour Courts where employees can submit complaints against their employers for wrongful dismissal, termination, non-payment of statutory payments, discrimination, etc.
Tahmidur Remura Wahid & Associates provides counsel and courtroom representation for both employees and employers in Employment-related matters.


Arbitration law firm in Bangladesh

LAWFIRM IN BANGLADESH is a leading Dhaka arbitration law firm with some of the finest arbitration attorneys. The firm offers arbitration representation, award arrangement, and award enforcement. We have represented clients successfully and affordably in complex arbitrations. We offer competitive legal fees in local and international arbitrations and do not charge to discuss potential matters.

The commercial law division of LAWFIRM IN BANGLADESH specializes in commercial disputes and arbitration. In addition, we organize and participate in private mediations of business and family disputes.

Recently, the firm effectively represented a client in an arbitration at the Ministry of Commerce in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), one of the largest licensed trade organizations in Bangladesh, was represented by the company.

• Commercial Arbitration
• Full Arbitration Setup and Proceedings
• International Arbitration award enforcement in Bangladesh
• Mediation in business-related transactions
• Negotiations
• Family mediations (concerning divorces, child custody, etc.)


Company Incorporation law firm in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi law firm’s services The team has extensive experience with startup companies, foreign investment, and business establishment in Bangladesh. The company has assisted in the establishment of significant brands and franchises in Bangladesh while maintaining a clientele of SME’s and Startups.

The firm actively engages in joint venture projects, the establishment of foreign companies in Bangladesh, the launching of representative offices and branch offices, the establishment of offshore industries, etc.

Common business formation alternatives in Bangladesh:
– Sole proprietorships (not applicable to international investors)
– Partnerships (not applicable to international investors).
– Limited Liability Partnership
-Limited Liability Companies
-Purchasing Homes
Representative/Liaison Offices
– Investments in existing organizations


Intellectual Property: Patents, Designs & Trademarks Law firm in Dhaka


In Bangladesh, trademark registration begins with an optional search for potential matches with other applications or registered marks. To avoid the possibility of infringement and to avoid squandering money on a failed application, our company can provide a standard search report or a search report with our expert opinion.


Prerequisites for filing:

1. Identification of the applicant that is valid. In the case of a corporation or company, a certificate of incorporation will be required.

2. Whether the registrant is a manufacturer/merchant/services provider.

3. Services or Goods for which the mark is to be registered.

4. In use in Bangladesh by the proprietors, proposed use in Bangladesh by the proprietors, proposed use in Bangladesh by a body corporate to be constituted, proposed use in Bangladesh by a registered user (in which case an application for registration of registered user must be filed simultaneously).

5. Status of Applicant, such as manufacturer, retailer, service provider, etc.

6. Form TM 10 authorization allowing us to represent the client.

7. Authorized Charges



A registered design is a shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines or color, or combination thereof applied to any two-dimensional or three-dimensional article that is legally protected. Any individual or business claiming to be the inventor or owner of a new or original industrial design may petition for registration with the Registrar of the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks.


Prerequisites for filing:

1. Identification of the applicant that is valid. In the case of a corporation or company, a certificate of incorporation will be required.

2. Type of candidate

3. Statement of Originality

4. Permission/Power of Attorney

5. Authorized Charges



Copyright refers to a person’s right to reproduction in the form of words, pictures, sounds, letters, written form or in the form of sound recordings, cinematograph film, graphic picture or in the material or non-material form, digital code (fixed or moving), or in two, three, or surreal dimensions.


Prerequisites for filing:

1. Identification of the applicant that is valid. In the case of a corporation or company, a certificate of incorporation will be required.

2. Whether the registrant is a manufacturer/merchant/services provider.

3. Type of activity requiring protection

4. Permission/Power of Attorney

5. Authorized Charges

High Court Matters
Law firm in Dhaka

The Managing Partner and Senior Counsels of LAWFIRM IN BANGLADESH regularly represent clients in judicial review and other matters before the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is the nation’s highest court and the guardian of the constitution. The High Court division can be utilized for more urgent and severe matters, such as admiralty, civil rights violations, human rights issues, company matters, appeals and revisions involving high net worth, etc.

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh stipulates the Supreme Court of Bangladesh’s jurisdiction. Article 94(1) of the Bangladeshi Constitution stipulates that the Supreme Court shall consist of the Appellate Division and the High Court Division. These two Supreme Court Divisions have separate jurisdictions. In addition to the Constitution, the sources of this jurisdiction are the general statutes (Acts of Parliament) of the country.

Relevant Services
Company Matter Disputes
Extension of Shareholder Protection Time for AGM
Corrections & Alterations
Claims Closure for Admiralty/maritime/Casualties
Ship Holding
Referring to Income Tax
Writ Petition in opposition to Tribunals (VAT, Tax, Customs, etc.).
Arbitration Urgent Injunctions/Stay/Status Quo in Various Cases
Criminal Appeals Civil Appeals
Civil Revision
Criminal Revision
Civl Miscellaneous Criminal Miscellaneous Anticipatory Bails 561 An annulment proceeding


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