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Company Incorporation Fees in Bangladesh

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Company Incorporation Fees in Bangladesh

The fees and stages involved in establishing a company in Bangladesh are numerous. The total cost of company creation includes many components such as Bangladesh company registration fees, incorporation fees, and legal fees related with the procedure. Registration fees represent expenses associated with the company’s formal registration, such as documents and government fees. Beyond the initial fees, continuing operational costs like as office space and employee pay may be incurred.
In Bangladesh, the incorporation process consists of several processes, including name reservation, document preparation, submission to regulatory organizations, and permission acquisition. Corporate registration fees are the total costs incurred during this process. Furthermore, obtaining a company license in Bangladesh necessitates paying specified fees and adhering to regulatory regulations.

What is the cost of forming a corporation in Bangladesh?

Many clients inquire, “How much does it cost to form a company in Bangladesh?” This article is being written to offer this information.

Bangladesh Company Formation Fees

In Bangladesh, an entrepreneur can start a company by following the requirements of The Company Act, 1994. The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is in charge of a company’s registration. The cost of forming a company varies depending on its category. The cost of forming a corporation in Bangladesh is divided into three categories.

Government Cost for Private Limited Company Paid up Capital Cost Lawyer & Miscellaneous Cost

The government cost is the price paid by the government to get a company’s registration. It will be determined by the company’s authorized capital. The registration of the corporation is authorized by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). According to RJSC, the government fee for allowed capital up to BDT 100,000 is BDT 3950; for authorized capital greater than BDT 100,000, the government fee is BDT 38220.

The government charge can be determined using the site address below.

Capital Paid-Up

Paid-up Capital is the amount of money received by a corporation from shareholders in exchange for equity shares. Paid-up capital, also known as share capital, can be increased at any moment following the creation of the firm. As a result, one of the primary costs of starting a corporation is the paid-up capital.

A Bangladeshi Private Limited corporation must have a minimum paid-up capital of Taka 1 (local) and USD 50000 (foreign-owned).

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