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Differences between Lawyer and Advocate in Bangladesh

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Differences between Lawyer and Advocate in Bangladesh

What are the steps for a lawyer to become an advocate?

Despite having completed legal education, attorneys are not permitted to advocate for their clients in court. Certain requirements must be met by an attorney in order to attain the status of an advocate.

Non-advocates who have earned a legal degree are required to sit for the Bar Council of Bangladesh examination, also known as the Bar examination. To be included on the BAR council list, the attorney must pass the examination. The bar council will then issue a licence to the candidate, enabling them to practise law in a courtroom and subsequently qualify as an advocate.

The term ‘lawyer’ is of a broad scope and is employed to refer to any individual practicing law, including attorneys, barristers, and solicitors.Conversely, a qualified individual who represents the client in court by pleading for compensation or release (depending on the nature of the case) is known as an advocate.
Lawyers and law graduates who wish to practice in a court of law in Bangladesh must pass the All Bangladesh Bar Exam and be registered with a state bar council.An individual who has successfully completed the bar examination and become a member of a state bar council is authorized to call themselves an advocate and advocate for clients in court.
Lawyers have less experience as compared to advocates as having just graduated from law school they are yet to acquire the necessary experience needed to represent clients They can be considered more experienced than lawyers who have had the opportunity to practise their profession in many different legal domains
The duties and responsibilities of a lawyer involved in giving legal advice to their clients, but they cannot represent them in a court of law Since advocates have a vast array of knowledge, experience and skill in legal matters, they are heavily involved in representing their clients most of the time, and while pleading on their behalf, advocates try their utmost to get the best verdict for their clients
The charges and compensation for a lawyer are low since he/she may not have the necessary skill and knowledge to litigate in a court of lawAdvocates charge much higher than lawyers for their services as they are more skilled and qualified to represent their clients in a wide variety of legal matters

Q1. What distinguishes an advocate from a lawyer in bangladesh?

A qualified individual who represents a client in a court of law is referred to as an advocate, whereas the term “lawyer” encompasses any individual practicing law.

Q 2. What distinguishes the obligations of an advocate from those of a lawyer in Bangladesh?

A lawyer’s obligations and responsibilities include providing legal counsel to their clients. However, an advocate is not limited to providing legal counsel; they may also advocate on their clients’ behalf in court.


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