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How to get Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

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ERC and IRC in Bangladesh

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2 How to get Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh
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Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, anyone may export any lawful good without any constraints on price or quantity, and without needing authorization from any authority. However, importing such goods requires an export registration certificate (ERC) or import license.

This export certificate or export license is issued by the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE), a separate entity under the Ministry of Commerce, in Bangladesh.

Finally, for corporate entities who wish to export any other specific items from Bangladesh, an Export Registration Certificate (ERC) or export license is a requirement document.

First let’s define export registration certificates, often known as ERCs, in Bangladesh. Any company entity must obtain an export registration certificate before it can export any goods from Bangladesh.

For an organization to be granted license to export without any quality or value restrictions, an export registration certificate is required. In Bangladesh, the office of the Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) is set up under the Ministry of Commerce. It is an independent company that, upon request, offers export certificates or ERC.

The Export Policy Order 2015-18 serves as the export registration certificate’s legal foundation.

Barrister Rahman | Export license Bangladesh
How to get the Export Registration certificate in bangladesh

How can you get the ERC?

The Requirments of getting a Export Registration Certificate in BD

There are three categories of ERC registration applicants. The type of application will determine which form of document is needed. The aforementioned papers must be submitted based on the categories of the applicants.

1. Proprietorship Business in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the most basic type of business structure is sole proprietorship. However, it is only appropriate for very small single-owner businesses with no risks. A sole proprietorship, unlike a private limited liability company, does not provide limited liability protection, and your personal assets are not protected from business risks.

2. Partnership Business in Bangladesh

The Partnership Act, 1932 (the “Partnership Act”) defines partnership as “the relationship between persons who have agreed to share profits of the business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.” This definition specifies three minimum requirements for forming a partnership:

The persons desiring to form a partnership must enter into an agreement, either orally or in writing, to share the profits of the business intended to be carried on by the partnership, and the business must be carried on by all the partners or by any of them acting on their behalf. The Partnership Act does not define the term “person.”

3. Private Limited company in Bangladesh

The most common method of doing business is through the formation of a Private Limited Company (PLC), which is a common legal entity for Bangladeshi businesses. A Private Limited Company, according to the Companies Act of 1994, has the following characteristics:

It restricts share transferability [section 2(q)].
The minimum number of members is 2 (two) [section 5], and the maximum number of members is 50 (fifty), excluding Company employees [section 2(q)].
It must have a minimum of two directors [section 90 (2)].
It forbids any public solicitation of subscriptions for the Company’s shares or debentures [section 2(q)].

Three different membership certificates are generally accepted for a Export Registration Certificate

You must apply to the relevant Chamber of Commerce, Trade organization, or government-approved association in the manner specified by that organization in order to receive a membership certificate. The relevant Chamber or Trade Association determines the certificate fee and necessary documentation.

Any Chamber of Commerce-affiliated business entity.

Membership Certificate from a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry or from concerned Trade Associations

A copy of the original Certificate Attested by local Chambers of Commerce and Industry or Trade Associations

BGMEA, FBCCI membership

For example for BGMEA Membership- “Duly filled up Prescribed Application for Membership Form of BGMEA. Copy of registration of Department of Textile (DOT) / Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). Specimen Signature of Board of Directors /Managing Partners/ Proprietor with 2 Copy passport size Photographs of each attested by Lien Bank.”

Government-approved organizations certifications

For Example Similar to the Electric Association’s certificate in the case of the import of Electric products or the Plastic Association’s certificate in the case of the import of Plastic products.

Barrister Rahman | Export license Bangladesh

TLS Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Necessary documents to Get an Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh:

  • Certified, thoroughly attested Trade License of the Company, attested copy.
  • Valid A certified copy of the relevant trade association’s Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate.
  • a certificate of VAT registration.
  • Joint Registered Agreement attested copy.
  • Certified copy of the company’s incorporation document (if Limited Company).
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association attested copies.
  • original Treasury Challan copy.
  • In the event of a partnership business, a partnership deed.
  • a copy of the company’s financial/bank solvency certificate.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (TIN) for the establishment’s past fiscal year.
  • A Lease for an Office.
  • information on the company’s nationality, wage range, and list of employees.
  • photos of the managing director/entrepreneur that are the size of a passport.
  • The World Commissioner’s certification of the directors’ citizenship.
  • Managing Director’s national identification card for the business.
  • If the director is an outsider, a copy of their passport and a work visa are needed.

Fees for availing a Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh


The following are the registration fees and annual renewal fees:

Category Particulars Initial
Registration fees
renewal fees
Exporter Govt. Fee 7,000 5,000
VAT @15% 750
Book 1,000

How to submit the Govt. fee for availaing the ERC in Bangladesh?

Three (3) copies of the Treasury Challan must be obtained. The registration fee, the cost of the passbook, and the 15% VAT on the price should be deposited at the Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank under the head number: 1-1731-0001-1801. (Branches of the Sonali Bank should only be utilized in the absence of Bangladesh Bank.) Gather three copies of the Chalan Form, fill them out, and pay the schedule cost.

The Step-by-Step Process in Bangladesh for Acquiring an Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

Firstly, the applicant must obtain the ERC application form from the CCIE office or website.

Secondly, complete the ERC application form in full.

Thirdly, organize the copies of the necessary documents.

Fourthly, submit the completed application form and the necessary paperwork to the CCIE office’s dispatch department.

 Next, the registration fee and passbook cost must be deposited at the Bangladesh Bank or Sonali.

 The following step is to get three Treasury Challan copies.

 Following a review of the supporting documentation, CCIE will give the applicant with an ERC and a passbook.

How to get an import registration certificate in Bangladesh?

The applicant must obtain an IRC form from the CCI&E office or official website, fill it out, and then send it to the Dispatch Section of the CCI&E office with necessary documentation. Three (3) copies of the Treasury Challan must be obtained, together with the registration fee and the cost of the passbook, which should be deposited at the Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank.
The applicant must submit the completed application form to the CCI&E office along with the required supporting papers and Treasury Challan in order to receive the Import Registration Certificate.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

How can I get export license in Bangladesh?

How to Obtain Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

  1. Passport size photograph of the applicant.
  2. Valid Trade License.
  3. Valid Membership Certificate form a regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry or from relevant Trade Associations.
  4. Citizenship Certificate of the applicant.
  5. Treasury Challan.
  6. TIN Certificate.

What is export registration certificate?

A company or entity must have an export registration certificate in order to be allowed to export without quality or value constraints. In Bangladesh, the office of the Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) is set up under the Ministry of Commerce.

How to get Import Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

1.photograph of the applicant in passport size.

2.valid trade license.

3.A valid membership certificate from the appropriate trade associations or the regional chamber of commerce and industry.

4.a bank's certificate of financial solvency.

5.Certificate of Citizenship.

6.Cashier's Challan.

Documents affiliated to Export Goods Transportation:

  1. Letter of Credit or Sales Contact.
  2. Commercial Invoice.
  3. packing list.
  4. From a Commercial Bank, Exp.
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. APTA, KPT, SAPTA, and GSP Certificate.
  7. Certificate of health, sanitation, and phytosanitation.
  8. Export Bill or Shipping Bill

What kinds of export documents are there?

  1. Proforma Bill.
  2. Commercial Invoice.
  3. Packing List.
  4. Authentication certificates.
  5. Certificate of Free Sale.
  6. Letter of Instruction from the Shipper
  7. Interior Bill of Lading
  8. The ocean bill of lading.

What steps are involved in exporting?

  1. receiving the inquiry and sending the quotation
  2. Order or Indent receipt
  3. evaluating the importer's creditworthiness and securing a payment guarantee
  4. acquiring an export permit.
  5. Obtaining pre-shipment finance
  6. the creation or acquisition of goods
  7. inspection before shipping

How should export paperwork be prepared?

  1. Receive an inquiry.
  2. Check the country and potential buyer.
  3. Please submit a proforma invoice.
  4. Finalize the Sale
  5. Prepare the merchandise and the shipping paperwork.
  6. Condut a Restricted Party Screening (Again)
  7. Ship Your Goods and Fill Out Miscellaneous Forms

Are the primary documents required for export?

The cargo can enter the port and be loaded onto the dock with the proper paperwork, such as a Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Export Order, Letter of Credit, Certificate of Inspection, and Marine Insurance Policy. The Mate's Receipt, which confirms the same, is issued once the shipment is loaded onto the carrier.

Which is not necessary for export?

When a foreign buyer requests that payment be paid to the exporter, which is the beneficiary, a bank will issue a letter of credit. When buyers and sellers are located far and do not know one another directly, it can be useful. As a result, it is not necessary to get an export license.

What exactly is an export invoice?

An export invoice is a catch-all word for exporting forms such as the Commercial Invoice and the Proforma Invoice—forms that show the buyer and seller of the products, a description of the things, the value of the items, and the conditions or intended terms of the transaction.

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Firstly for ERC

Firstly, the applicant must obtain the ERC application form from the CCIE office or website.


In Second, the application form!

Secondly, complete the ERC application form in full with full attention.



Please make sure to organize the copies of the necessary documents


Also makes ure to submit the completed application form and the necessary paperwork to the CCIE office’s dispatch department.


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