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October 12, 2023

Foreign Company Registration in Bangladesh

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Unlocking Opportunities: The Road to Foreign Company Registration in Bangladesh

The vibrant landscape of Bangladesh’s business and investment opportunities has been increasingly attracting foreign entities eager to expand their reach in this growing economy. Foreign Company Registration in Bangladesh offers a gateway to exploring and tapping into these remarkable prospects. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the procedures, requirements, and essential steps involved in registering a foreign company in Bangladesh, supported by the expertise of

Navigating the Path to Foreign Company Registration

Our legal consultancy department in Bangladesh is well-versed in assisting new businesses and startups in every aspect of the registration process. When considering establishing a foreign company in Bangladesh, it is crucial to be aware of the specific procedures involved. Let’s explore these steps in detail:

1. 100% Foreign Ownership

One of the key attractions for foreign investors considering Bangladesh is the country’s openness to 100% foreign ownership. Unlike many other countries, Bangladesh allows foreign entities to have full ownership and control of their businesses, creating a favorable environment for international investment.

2. Name Clearance

The process of registration commences with the clearance of a unique business name for the proposed entity. Ensuring that the chosen name is distinct and complies with regulatory guidelines is a fundamental first step. This clearance can be obtained online through the official Joint Stock website at, a straightforward process that helps expedite the registration journey.

3. Opening a Provisional Bank Account

Opening a provisional bank account in the name of the proposed entity is an essential step in the registration process. This account serves as a receptacle for the initial capital infusion and any financial transactions associated with the business.

4. Inward Remittance of $50,000 USD

To meet the regulatory requirements for foreign company registration in Bangladesh, an inward remittance of at least $50,000 USD must be made within two months from the date of issuance of the permission letter by the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). This initial investment demonstrates the commitment of the foreign entity to their business endeavors in Bangladesh.

5. Encashment Certificate

The encashment certificate is a document that provides evidence of the foreign exchange brought into Bangladesh and subsequently encashed in a local bank. This certificate ensures that the inward remittance has been processed and is a crucial requirement for registration.

6. Submission of Articles and Memorandum of Association

The submission of the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company is a crucial step. These documents outline the company’s objectives, structure, and governing regulations. They must be prepared according to Bangladesh’s corporate laws and regulations, and compliance with these rules is essential.

7. Incorporation Certificate of Registration

Upon the successful completion of the registration process, the company is issued an Incorporation Certificate of Registration. This certificate officially confirms the foreign company’s status as a legally registered entity in Bangladesh, enabling it to commence business activities in line with the country’s regulatory framework.

Legal Expertise at Your Service

While the process of foreign company registration in Bangladesh appears straightforward, it is critical to have the guidance and expertise of legal professionals to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.’s legal consultancy department is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to assist foreign entities in navigating the complexities of registration.

The meticulous preparation of Articles and Memorandum of Association, compliance with capital remittance guidelines, and adherence to the timeline for inward remittance are integral to a successful registration process. provides the legal support required to ensure that your foreign company is well-prepared for a prosperous journey in Bangladesh.

StepStep DescriptionKey PointsRequired Documents
1100% Foreign OwnershipBangladesh allows 100% foreign ownership, creating a favorable environment for international investment.N/A
2Name ClearanceObtain name clearance for the proposed entity through the official Joint Stock website at name clearance application
3Opening a Provisional Bank AccountOpen a provisional bank account in the name of the proposed entity to handle financial transactions.Bank account opening documents
4Inward Remittance of $50,000 USDRemit at least $50,000 USD within two months from the date of BIDA permission letter issuance.Inward remittance documentation
5Encashment CertificateObtain an encashment certificate as evidence of the inward remittance processed in a local bank.Encashment certificate
6Submission of Articles and Memorandum of AssociationPrepare and submit the company’s Articles and Memorandum of Association in compliance with Bangladesh’s corporate laws and regulations.Articles and Memorandum of Association documents
7Incorporation Certificate of RegistrationUpon successful registration, receive the Incorporation Certificate of Registration, confirming the foreign company’s legal status in Bangladesh.Incorporation Certificate of Registration

The opportunities for foreign investors in Bangladesh are substantial and continue to expand. Establishing a foreign company in Bangladesh provides an avenue for accessing these prospects and participating in the nation’s economic growth. The regulatory framework allows for 100% foreign ownership and offers an environment that is conducive to international investment.

With the expertise of, businesses and startups can embark on this journey with confidence. The legal consultancy department is well-prepared to guide foreign entities through the intricacies of foreign company registration, ensuring that all formalities are met with precision and that the company is poised for success in Bangladesh’s dynamic business landscape.

For any queries regarding foreign company registration in Bangladesh or to initiate the registration process, please feel free to contact us at Our legal experts are ready to assist you in turning your business aspirations into a successful reality in Bangladesh.


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