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How can I become a barrister in Bangladesh?

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Become a barrister in Bangladesh

A career in the legal field is among the most prestigious in the entire world. And a barrister title is highly regarded in the legal profession. The respect and esteem for barristers have been deeply rooted in the populace of our subcontinent since the British colonial period. Practitioners of law in Bangladesh are referred to as advocates, whereas in the United States they are called attorneys. In Australia and the United Kingdom, attorneys are referred to as Barristers. Barristers represent organizations and individuals in tribunals and courts while providing specialized legal counsel.

BPC course in England

In order to obtain the Barrister designation, individuals must successfully complete the Bar Practice Course (BPC), the obligatory postgraduate program that certifies graduates as barristers in England and Wales, and earn a British LLB. The fact that one can complete the LLB in British law while remaining in Bangladesh is among the good news. Distance learning LLB programs from the University of London offer degrees of the highest caliber, and students from all over the world enroll in them to advance their careers. British LLB programs are offered by seven institutions in Bangladesh that fall under the purview of the University of London. Exams for the course are administered by the British Council, and copies of the exams are graded by professors from the University of London. As London is a costly metropolis, the cost of living is also quite high. Consequently, by pursuing a British LLB while remaining in Bangladesh, one can earn a degree of international caliber while saving a substantial amount of money.

Ways to become a barrister in Bangladesh

There are numerous routes to becoming a barrister, including the following:

After HSC, Alim, or O-Level Completion:

LLB is a three-year program that begins after HSC, Alim, or O level completion in Bangladesh. Students must first complete a diploma course (CHE) on fundamental law before being admitted to the LLB program. A year is required to earn a diploma, followed by two to three years of LLB coursework. Throughout the entire process, the student must earn a minimum of 50 percent in each of 12 subjects.

After earning a Master’s or Honors degree:

Unfortunately, an LLB from Bangladesh is not recognized by the Bar of England; therefore, in order to become a barrister, any Bangladeshi law graduate must spend two years studying British LLB. Students are required to successfully complete eight subjects over the course of these two years, just as an HSC student would finish twelve courses.

To become a barrister, one must not only complete a British LLB, but also a nine-month BPC training course. The University of Law, The University of the West of England, Cardiff University, The City Law School, and other institutions offer BPC programs. While LLBs can be earned from Bangladesh, BPCs require an individual to travel to and reside in the United Kingdom. A license to practise law is granted by the Bar Council in Bangladesh, whereas the qualification certificate for barristers in the United Kingdom is issued by four distinct Inns of Court. Therefore, membership in one of these Inns of Court is also a prerequisite for becoming a Barrister. Upon successful completion of the BPC course, individuals will be “called to the Bar” by their inn and subsequently be acknowledged as Barristers.

Following membership in the Bangladesh Bar Council:

In Bangladesh, one can become a Barrister subsequent to obtaining advocacy experience. A practicing attorney may submit an application for the BTT course, which serves as a Bar transfer. This course requires attendance at the bar for a duration of 4-6 months. For BTT in the United Kingdom, attendance at a course is not mandatory; it is sufficient to sit for the examinations. Additionally, those who pass the examination will become barristers.

In the United Kingdom, in order to practise as a barrister, one must now complete a period of work-based practical training under the supervision of an experienced barrister, in addition to academic and professional requirements. The term for this is pupillage. Nevertheless, obtaining a pupillage is an extremely competitive process. Conversely, should a candidate opt to practice law in Bangladesh upon his return, he will still be required to take the Bangladesh Bar Examination. Thus, barristers who are admitted to practice in Bangladeshi courts are attorneys who have successfully completed the Bar examination in both Bangladesh and the United Kingdom.

One might question the rationale behind spending a substantial amount of money to become a barrister when, similar to other Bangladeshi law graduates, he must pass an exam in Bangladesh to obtain a practicing license. Those who wish to work in courts must earn this degree in order to develop professional legal skills, including client relations, case administration, and effective chief and cross-examination strategies. Currently, Bangladesh does not offer any avenues for individuals to pursue professional training subsequent to obtaining an LLB. It would require a number of years and considerable effort for a Bangladeshi law graduate to acquire the same competencies that a BPC degree might furnish. In addition, barristers are held in the highest regard and esteem with regard to matters of international and corporate law.

In summary, the journey towards becoming a Barrister is challenging but ultimately rewarding.


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