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International trade law dispute resolution processes in Bangladesh

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International trade law is one of the most important factors contributing to the continued economic expansion and development of Bangladesh. It is essential for the nation to have efficient dispute resolution systems in place to manage any issues that may emerge as a result of the country’s engagement in commerce with partners located all over the globe.

we will look into the numerous procedures and methods for settling International trade law issues in Bangladesh. We will emphasize the significance of these processes and mechanisms, as well as the role they play in enabling global commerce.

The significance of what is known as International trade law for the country of Bangladesh

International trade law is very important to Bangladesh as a nation’s economy. The expansion of the country’s economy is considerably aided by the export of a wide variety of items, including textiles, clothing, products of agriculture, and others. Bangladesh has a population of over 160 million people, and its capacity to effectively participate in international trade is essential to the country’s ability to sustain its economic progress.

The following are some of the key elements that emphasize the importance of International trade law for Bangladesh:

Economic development: International trade law is a significant driver of economic development in Bangladesh, contributing to GDP expansion and job possibilities. This is a major driver of economic growth in Bangladesh.

Earnings in Foreign currency: Exports are a crucial means of generating foreign currency earnings, which are required for the importation of products, services, and technology.

Investment from outside: A healthy international trade environment is more likely to attract investment from outside, which in turn increases the economic potential of the country.

Diversification of Markets: Bangladeshi goods benefit from increased market diversity as a result of increased trade, which reduces their reliance on a single market and lowers their exposure to risk.

Mechanisms for the Resolution of Disputes in Bangladesh

The successful settlement of conflicts that develop within the sphere of international trade is very necessary to ensure that trade partnerships continue to operate in a seamless manner. Disputes involving international trade laws are efficiently addressed via a variety of methods and processes that are available in Bangladesh.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): In Bangladesh, “international trade” conflicts are increasingly being resolved via the use of alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration and mediation. Arbitration centers such as the Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) provide alternatives to the traditional judicial system in the form of impartial venues in which to settle legal disagreements. ADR is chosen because of the effectiveness, versatility, and secrecy of the process.

The Commercial Courts: In order to handle trade-related issues in an effective manner, Bangladesh has created commercial courts. These courts are staffed with highly qualified judges who are knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial law. The Commercial Courts Act of 2013 is the legislation that directs how they function.

Disputes that arise from customs-related problems may be brought before the Customs, Excise, and VAT Appellate Tribunal, which offers a path to settlement for such disagreements. When it comes to resolving disputes involving customs value, classification, and other aspects of international commerce, this tribunal is a very important player.

Agreements Signed on a Global Scale Bangladesh is a party to a number of “international trade” agreements, many of which provide procedures for the settlement of disputes. For instance, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has a body called the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) that offers a protocol for dealing with disagreements over trade that occur between member nations.

Legal Obstacles in the Field of International trade law Dispute Resolution

Even while Bangladesh has made some headway in putting in place conflict resolution processes for International trade law the country still faces a number of obstacles, including the following:

Expertise in the Law: It is a difficulty to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of legal specialists who are knowledgeable in International trade law. It is very necessary to initiate programs of specialized education and training in this sector.

Concerning punctuality: the resolution of some commercial issues in Bangladesh might take a significant amount of time, which can discourage international investors and reduce the effectiveness of commerce. It is of the utmost importance to streamline the process of dispute settlement.

Constraints on Resources: The proper functioning of conflict resolution procedures might be hampered by the availability of insufficient resources, both in terms of infrastructure and manpower.

Awareness and Education: It’s possible that a lot of companies and people that participate in “international trade” aren’t educated about the several dispute resolution mechanisms that are out there. It is critical that stakeholders get education on these methods.

The Function of Members of the Legal Profession

Legal experts in Bangladesh, like as attorneys, arbitrators, and mediators, play a vital role in aiding the settlement of disputes involving “international trade” legislation. Among their tasks are the following:

Representation is when a legal expert acts on behalf of a client in the course of a dispute resolution procedure in order to safeguard the client’s legal rights and financial interests.

They take on the role of mediators or arbitrators, assisting the parties in reaching mutually agreeable settlements via discussion or issuing legally enforceable conclusions when arbitration is involved.

Legal advise: Legal experts give legal advise to firms and people participating in “international trade,” helping them grasp the complexity of trade rules and regulations. Legal counsel is provided by legal professionals.

preparation of Contracts: Lawyers aid in the preparation of commercial contracts and agreements, ensuring that the documents are in accordance with “international trade” regulations and that they include terms for the settlement of any disputes that may arise.

The final word

International trade law is one of the pillars around which Bangladesh’s economic expansion is built, and as the importance of global trade continues to expand, the need for the settlement of trade disputes will only become more pressing. Conflicts that are connected to commerce may be addressed via a number of different dispute resolution procedures, such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), commercial courts, customs tribunals, and international agreements, among others.

It is vital for Bangladesh to overcome the difficulties connected to lack of legal competence, insufficient timeliness, limited resource availability, and increased awareness as the country continues to grow its position in International trade law Legal experts, by virtue of their knowledge and direction, provide a substantial contribution to the effective settlement of trade disputes, which, in the end, helps to cultivate an atmosphere that is amenable to International trade law in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has the potential to significantly boost its image as a dependable trading partner and an appealing location for the investment of foreign capital if the appropriate steps are taken and development efforts are maintained.


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