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October 13, 2023

Company law firm in Bangladesh and its common services

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Company law firm in Bangladesh: Providing Comprehensive Legal Services to Companies in Bangladesh

In a dynamic and rapidly growing business environment like Bangladesh, companies require expert legal counsel and support to navigate the complex landscape of business laws, regulations, and corporate governance. Whether you are a local startup, a well-established business, or a foreign investor seeking to establish a presence in Bangladesh, having access to comprehensive legal services is crucial for your success.

LawFirmBD is a distinguished legal consultancy firm in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of services designed to address the diverse needs of businesses. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals, we assist our clients in various aspects of corporate and commercial law, ensuring that they can operate efficiently and compliantly in the local market.

Here’s an overview of the extensive services we provide to companies in Bangladesh:

1. Company Name Search

Selecting the right name for your company is the first crucial step in establishing your business identity. We conduct thorough company name searches to ensure your chosen name is unique and complies with regulatory requirements, saving you from potential legal complications down the road.

2. Business Set-up/Company Formation/Registration

Starting a business in Bangladesh involves complex legal processes and registrations. LawFirmBD facilitates the seamless establishment of your company, guiding you through the registration, licensing, and approval procedures, helping you get your business off the ground.

3. Memorandum & Articles Drafting

Drafting a comprehensive Memorandum and Articles of Association is fundamental to your company’s operation. We create these vital documents tailored to your specific business objectives and in full compliance with Bangladesh’s corporate laws.

4. Formulating Company & Business Policies

Developing effective company and business policies is vital to ensure smooth and legally compliant operations. Our legal experts assist in creating and implementing policies to address issues like corporate governance, data privacy, and employee conduct.

5. Assisting Foreign Investors with BIDA Registrations & Recommendations

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) registration is a key requirement for foreign investors. We guide international businesses through the entire process, from obtaining BIDA recommendations to securing the necessary approvals for investment.

6. Audit & Returns

Regular financial audits and filing returns are essential to maintain transparency and adhere to financial regulations. We offer audit services and assist in the accurate and timely submission of financial returns to relevant authorities.

7. VAT & Taxation Advisory & Services

Navigating Bangladesh’s intricate tax system can be challenging. We provide comprehensive VAT and taxation advisory services to ensure your business meets its tax obligations while optimizing tax strategies.

8. Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is essential for making informed business decisions. Our expert team conducts thorough due diligence investigations, helping you assess potential risks and opportunities when entering into business transactions or partnerships.

9. Corporate Litigation

In the unfortunate event of legal disputes or litigation, our experienced litigators are well-equipped to represent your interests and defend your rights in court. We handle a wide range of corporate litigation matters to protect your business.

10. Share Transfers & Issuances

The transfer or issuance of shares involves complex legal processes. We assist in share transfers and issuances, ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements and protecting your interests.

11. Winding Up

In cases where a business needs to be wound up or liquidated, we provide comprehensive guidance and legal support to ensure the process is conducted smoothly and in full compliance with relevant laws.

12. AGM, EGM & Board Resolutions

We help facilitate the organization of Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs), and the formulation of board resolutions, ensuring they meet the highest standards of corporate governance.

13. Security Documents

Legal documentation for security interests is critical in various business transactions. We draft and review security documents to protect your interests when providing or obtaining security.

14. Legal Opinions

Our legal experts provide well-researched and professional legal opinions on various matters, offering guidance and clarity on complex legal issues.

15. Legal Notices

In the event of disputes, non-compliance, or contractual issues, we draft and serve legal notices on your behalf, representing your interests and seeking resolutions through legal channels.

16. Instruments Registrations

We handle the registration of various legal instruments, ensuring that your agreements, contracts, and other documents are properly registered and enforceable.

17. Trade Licenses

Securing the appropriate trade licenses is crucial for operating legally in Bangladesh. We assist in obtaining and renewing trade licenses in compliance with local regulations.

18. ERC & IRC

We handle the process of obtaining Export Registration Certificates (ERC) and Import Registration Certificates (IRC), which are essential for international trade and transactions.

19. Chamber of Commerces Registration

Registration with local chambers of commerce and trade associations is often necessary for businesses. We manage the registration process to ensure your business is part of relevant business networks.

20. Capital Increase/Decrease

Changing your company’s capital structure requires careful legal handling. We assist in the processes of capital increase or decrease to meet your business needs.

21. Work Permit/PI Visas

For foreign employees and investors, we facilitate the application and acquisition of work permits and Personal Identification (PI) visas, ensuring that you meet the necessary immigration and labor requirements.

22. Employment Agreements

Drafting legally sound employment agreements is crucial for maintaining a productive and compliant workforce. We create customized employment agreements that protect both employer and employee rights.

At LawFirmBD, we are committed to providing professional and tailored legal solutions to help companies thrive in the Bangladeshi business landscape. Our team of legal experts brings a deep understanding of local laws, regulations, and corporate practices to ensure that your business operates efficiently and in full compliance with the law. Whether you are a local startup or a multinational corporation, our comprehensive legal services are designed to support your business at every stage of its journey.


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